Jessica Jae Lands Goliath Grouper

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Jessica Jae is a fishing star, so the Fishing Herald is happy that she shares her fishing adventures on our pages.

Jessica Jae has awesome fishing videos as well as lots of super fishing pictures. If you love fishing, you have to check out Jessica Jae on her various social media outlets. Jessica Jae has a huge following on Instagram as a result of having some of the best fishing pictures on the internet. You can find her on Facebook and Youtube as her.

Search for Jessica Jae on Youtube to view her amazing fishing videos. She will blow you away by catching some huge fish on light fishing tackle. In fact, she is known to catch some huge predatory fish on a pink Barbie fishing rod. Yes, you read that right! She lands fish that we all dream of catching on a Barbie rod. 

Jessica’s fishing accomplishments landed her a recent spot on a very popular fishing television show. You will be able to see her fish with Captain Peter Miller on From Bass to Billfish. I can’t wait to she her on that episode! From Bass to Billfish hosted by Miller is already one of my all time favorite fishing shows, but seeing Jessica Jae on it will make it even sweeter. 

Jessica has a simple motto: Big fish, bent rods and bikinis. The Fishing Herald proudly endorses that motto. We will be posting more fishing videos from Jessica Jae in the near future. The fishing videos will include fishing action as well as some really great tips to make you a better angler.

Send us your fishing videos and pictures, so you can be featured like Jessica Jae. The Fishing Herald will also be happy to promote your fishing related products as well, so drop us a line if you want to grown along with the Fishing Herald. If you run a fishing charter/guide business, we will gladly post it on our site. We will also give you shout outs our Instagram page. Send us an email at

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