Sydney Glantz is a Florida Angler

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Sydney Glantz of Florida is a lady angler that has caught some amazing fish! You will see some of the evidence of her great catches in this gallery. Her Instagram profile of take_a_glantz is a must follow if you love boating, fishing, or other adventures.

Sydney has a passion for getting on the water. She loves the pursuit of the big fish almost as much as catching them. You can tell by the photos that she gets the job done a lot. I love the dolphin (mahi mahi) pictures! The swordfish and wahoo action is super as well. 

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Sydney Glantz-Fishing Gallery

sydney glantz,lady angler


sydney Glantz,fishing herald

girls that fish

Big bull!


miami fishing, lady angler

fishing herald

Dolphin (mahi mahi)

sydney glantz

Sydney with dinner!

lady anglers

Lady anglers

sydney glantz,girls that fish

boating,sydney glantz

Sydney getting it done!



sydney glantz fishing

The Fishing Herald hopes you enjoyed this gallery of Sydney Glantz!