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Back for More Fishing Charters provided all the Miami fishing pictures for this post! Captain Gavet Tuttle has been hitting the waters of South Florida for years, so he is the man to call if you want to book a great trip. 

Start the adventure:

Call: 954-448-1211 to reach Captain Tuttle

You can fish offshore or inshore in his Contender vessel. This boat has anglers in mind, so you will be well prepared to land the “big one!” Make sure to send us your photos and videos. 

Saltwater: Miami Fishing Pictures

miami fishing

African pompano

cero mackerel,miami

Cero mackerel

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Snook (Linesider)

miami fishing pictures

Dolphin (mahi mahi)

miami fishing charters


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Captain Gavet Tuttle: skipjack tuna

tarpon fishing,miami


miami fishing pictures

Red grouper

miami fishing,south florida

Holy mackerel!

Make sure to comment below to tell us you thoughts! Drop us a line if you want to be featured on the pages of the Fishing Herald. We love Miami fishing pictures, but of course we are a little biased being based in South Florida. Send us pics of your favorite region to fish!