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Kayak fishing rocks! In South Florida, anglers can target a large variety of fish species from paddle craft. Action can be had in both freshwater and saltwater. The above video is from Kayak Fishing Warfare. Make sure to check out their Youtube channel

I love the wide range of fish that are seen in this footage. From peacock bass to sharks, this video has it. I love the jumping barracuda! What was your favorite part? The snakeheads were cool as well. Have  you ever caught a snakehead? That fish has still eluded me even though I do a lot of freshwater angling in South Florida. I mainly fish the lakes of Pembroke Pines, so maybe not as many of this exotic species has been dumped by previous owners into these waters.

We all enjoy the sound of line burning off the reel, but we all hate it when we feel that line go slack all of a sudden! The start of this great action packed outdoor footage has that range of emotions covered. The thrill of victory can quickly become the agony of defeat when you’re fighting the “the big one”

Of course, those of us that love to fish can be quite creative when describing “the one that got away.” A 2 pound bass can quickly grow to 10 pound lunker when there is no picture of it! Lucky for us, most of the fish battles in this video resulted in us actually seeing the evidence of a great catch. 

There are more videos from Kayak Fishing Warfare on their Youtube channel. Be sure to check them all out. Comment below to tell us your favorite part of this South Florida footage. Let us know of your fishing charter or product business, we will promote you for free at this time. The Fishing Herald is new, so we want to grow along with you. Free listings for licensed guides that operate in Florida. 

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